Yamcha is a human warrior, first introduced in Dragon Ball as a desert bandit. Despite gaining an early advantage over Goku with a pit trap, and fighting the young warrior to a stand-still, it turns out the only reason he could overcome Goku was the latter was fighting on an empty stomach. Yamcha, like many erstwhile rivals to come, became enamored of the warrior’s unique outlook and kind heart, in spite of his overwhelming power. Training under Master Roshi, Kami, and King Kai alongside Krillin and Tien, Yamcha nevertheless was unable to escape becoming the butt of in-jokes after his many staggering defeats. After beginning a relationship with Bulma, which she ended because of his philandering, he became a star baseball player and largely let his martial arts training lapse. In spite of this, he maintains a swollen, arrogant ego.


Yamcha’s defining features are the scars on his face: a cross shaped one on his chin and a slash going over one of his eyes. He has black hair which that changes across the many years of Dragon Ball, from a wild, shaggy look the a close-cropped, spiky appearance. While he began in a hodgepodge of plundered clothing and armor, he tends to wear the orange gi of the Turtle Hermit School, similar to Krillin and Goku’s.

Video Games

Yamcha is a playable character in many Dragon Ball videogames, and appears in almost all of them. His most recent videogame appearance is as an ally in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and as a playable fighter in Dragon Ball FighterZ, where he is a consistently high-ranked, rushdown-style character.

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