Will Grey

Will Grey


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William Augustus Grey was an ex-military pilot serving before the Second World War who ran a cargo delivery service out of Nassau after being discharged from his military duties. By then, he has become disillusioned by life’s hardships and displays considerable apathy to the events leading up to World War II. This changes when his plane crashes in the Bermuda Triangle, transporting him and his old flame Ava to a parallel universe on the other side of the Void.

Humans in this realm are known as Survivors, and are largely enslaved by an alien race called the Watchers. He eventually learns that his entry into the void was no coincidence; he is the “Prophesized One”, long preordained to lead the human resistance’s efforts in this war. His relationship with Ava blossoms in this side of the Void, and Will slowly begins cherishing the Earth he once cared little for.

His closest ally in this dimension is Nikola Tesla, who helps him repurpose Watcher technology for use against them. He eventually returns to Earth, but at the cost of losing Ava. He spends the last few moments of the game mourning her death on Ava’s favourite bench in Westminster, London.


  • Will is adept at using the hover pack and rocket pack, to the point where he is able to engage in dogfighting with flying foes.
  • He is later revealed to be able to tap into humanity’s long-dormant Adept powers, which he employs against the Watchers.
  • He is a considerably skilled mechanic.


He is voiced by the world famous voice actor Nolan North.

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