WCW: World Championship Wrestling

WCW: World Championship Wrestling


Superstar Pro Wrestling is a wrestling game for the Famicom featuring a number of Japanese and North American wrestlers active in Japan at the time. The game is distinct for having multiple camera angles depending on where the wrestlers are in relation to the ring: there’s an isometric view when the two combatants are outside of the ring and near one of the corners, for instance. Players choose four finishers from a menu before each bout, binding them to one of the four D-pad directions where they can be used whenever the opponent is briefly stunned. A finisher’s strength is determined by a rapidly sliding scale that the player ideally hits when it is close to full.

The game was localized in North America as WCW: World Championship Wrestling and the wrestlers replaced with twelve then-active stars of the WCW circuit. In addition, there is also a gigantic final boss known as “The WCW Master”.

WCW: World Championship Wrestling features the following 12 selectable WCW wrestlers:

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