Wanted: Monty Mole

Wanted: Monty Mole


The first of five games to feature Monty Mole. In this first installment, Monty decides to combat a cold winter by raiding a coal mine for fuel to keep himself warm. Over 21 screens, the aim is to collect the coal, and avoid absolutely everything else.

In a piece of clever marketing, and possibly the first of its kind for a video game, Gremlin Graphics increased its media profile by linking the meagre plot to current news stories. This even led to the game getting a television appearance – unheard of at the time. The game was released during the strike in the UK by the National Union of Mineworkers, which ran for over a year from 1984-5. The game features a charicature of the then leader of the NUM, Arthur Scargill, who at the end of the game tries to stop Monty escaping with the coal he has stolen from the mine.

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