Victor Zakhaev

Victor Zakhaev


Victor Zakhaev is the son of Imran Zakhaev, and is field commander for the Ultranationalist forces. Victor is referred to as one of the ‘Four Horsemen’. Victor is the only person in the game to wear a blue tracksuit, and this makes him easy to spot. Victor likely has a good relationship with his father, as they both share the same ideals – returning Russia to a Communist country, and restoring a Soviet government.


VIctor is first seen during the opening of Modern Warfare, where President Al-Fulani is taken to his eventual death. Victor is the passenger in the car that Al-Fulani is being transported in, and holds a Mini Uzi.

Despite the loss of Al-Asad, Victor remains to command the Ultranationalist forces, whilst his father, Imran, goes into hiding. Due to his threat, Victor becomes the subject of a manhunt by a joint task force of American soldiers and British SAS. The task force ambushes Victor when he reaches a checkpoint he is meant to pass. After the ambush, Victor flees through a Russian town, after the building is surrounded and Victor has dozens of soldiers with weapons on him, he shoots himself in the head, dying instantly.

As Soap goes to take his weapon, Victor turns his M1911 pistol on himself, and commits suicide. The loss of his son deeply effects Imran, who takes over a missile launching facility in the Atlay Mountains, in Russia.


  • Victor’s name is spelt incorrectly, considering the fact he is Russian. The Russian spelling of Victor has the ‘c’ replaced with a ‘k’, and is spelt as ‘Viktor’.
  • In the village, Viktor is holding a Skorpion, rather than the M1911 he kills himself with, or the Mini Uzi he uses at the start of the game.

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