Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero

Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero

Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero is the third installment of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series. The game takes place on the highways of Japan.


The racing is done in a sandbox style. On the roads would be drivers from certain gangs. In order to race the driver, you must pull up behind them and flash your lights, triggering a race. In order to win the race, you must bring their health bar down. Bringing their health bar down could be achieved either by making them crash, or taking the lead, with a bigger lead resulting in the bar dropping more quickly. Upon defeating every driver in a gang, the gang’s “boss” will appear. Upon beating any driver, you unlock their car. Once you defeat every driver on the map, the next gang(s) appears.

There are also independent drivers on the map, whose appears can depend on many factors, such as odometer on the car currently driving, the PS2’s internal clock, how many drivers you’ve beaten, and how much money you have.

There are no licensed cars in Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero.

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