The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime


The game’s story is almost precisely a remake of the original Journeyman Project, and its later edition The Journeyman Project: TURBO!.

Full-Motion Video

The gameplay added extensive use of full-motion video with live action. Sparsely used in the first game, it became the series defining point in the second game, The Journeyman Protect 2: Buried In Time. The successively higher quality acting and voice work would become the source of the relative success of the final game in the series, The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time.


Poor marketing and limited platform availability (Playstation and Pippin in Japan, and only Power Macintosh in the USA) would doom the game to obscurity and relegate it to diamond-in-the-rough territory. Any copy is highly valued by collectors and fans, and a sealed copy on eBay can gain upwards of $100. Extremely limited numbers of the Japanese PSX edition were ever made, which make those along with the DVD version of The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time and the box set of The Journeyman Project Trilogy fetch a high price on internet auction sites. Presto Studios made plans to port the game to the PlayStation (with publisher Acclaim Entertainment) and Sega Saturn in the U.S., but these versions were never released.

Due to rights and compatibility issues, the first game in the series, along with Pegasus Prime, were not available for many years, but a trailer in 2013 hinted at upcoming ports for Windows and Mac OS X. Support had also been added in ScummVM for the old PowerPC CD-ROM. A Mac OS X version that incorporated features from the unreleased DVD-ROM and PSX versions was released in December 2013, and the Linux and Windows versions went golden master in March 2014. The game became available for download from GOG on April 10, 2014 and from Steam on February 20, 2017. The Steam version added achievements and support for controllers.


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In December 2012, over 15 years after the first release of the game, The Original Soundtrack album by Geno Andrews, Jack Harris, and Bob Stewart was released.

No. Track Title Length (31:46)
1. Through the Roof 1:05
2. The Year 2318 1:40
3. Anticipation 0:29
4. Good Morning, Caldoria 0:33
5. 4D Warmup 0:11
6. Phantom Blue Orchestra 1:02
7. Acoustic Clouds 0:56
8. Power Tower Funk 0:40
9. Scrapyard Gearhythms 0:39
10. Industrial Nuage 1:11
11. Elevator Ride 0:33
12. Back to the Grind 0:24
13. Temporal Quartet 0:49
14. Alert Status Alpha 0:22
15. Into the Time Stream 1:02
16. Historical Log 0:48
17. Another World 1:04
18. Mining Colony 0:38
19. “Out of my way, human” 0:22
20. Lost Below 0:39
21. Race Against Time 2:53
22. All Clear for Takeoff 0:54
23. Coprates Minor 0:52
24. “I’ve been expecting you” 0:08
25. Poisoned 0:31
26. Organic Walls 0:26
27. The Other Side / Creature Feature 1:15
28. “You are no match for me” 0:16
29. Plasma Rock 1:23
30. Resolution 0:26
31. Caldoria Heights 0:40
32. Mission Accomplished 0:49
33. The Journeyman Fanfare 2:17
34. Ripples on the Horizon 0:29
35. Pegasus Forever 3:20
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A supplemental album, titled The Lost Tracks, was released a year later in December 2013.

No. Track Title Length (20:04)
1. Above Caldoria / Through the Roof (extended) 1:39
2. Here in the City 1:18
3. The Affair 1:01
4. Johnny Ego’s Celestial Stroll 0:59
5. Johnny Ego’s Bahama Bomba 0:54
6. Race Against Time / Flatline (extended) 8:00
7. Elevator Ride / Baby’s First Steps (extended) 0:54
8. All Clear for Takeoff / On the Pace (extended) 1:02
9. The Other Side (extended) 1:06
10. Creature Feature (extended) 1:02
11. Submarine Chase (intro) 0:40
12. Discovering the Empire 1:08
13. Caldoria Halls 0:21

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