SwordQuest: FireWorld

SwordQuest: FireWorld


This Atari 2600 game was the second part of an overall series of games and contest by Atari at the time of release. Players who were able to solve the games could win real life prizes and a chance to win an overall prize from playing all four games, EarthWorld, FireWorld, WaterWorld and AirWorld. The final game AirWorld was never released, and the final ultimate contest was never completed.  
Swordquest: FireWorld was released in February 1983, following EarthWorld in October of 1982. The FireWorld game was released the same month as the WaterWorld game, but WaterWorld was released in a limted edition.

The Game

Players of the game had to solve puzzles that involved picking up and dropping  items found in the game in different rooms that would then result in clues as they did in the first game, but there were more action elements in this second game. The structure in this game was based on the Tree of Life. Again, the clues could be looked up in the game’s comic book manual. If all the clues in FireWorld were found the player could mail their answers into Atari for a chance to play a special version of the game and win a valuable prize. 
The prize for this game was The Chalice of Light. The Chalice was made of gold and platinum, encrusted with gems, and worth approximately $25,000.  
A larger group of entrants were received and Atari expanded the contest. Entrants were asked to write back and tell what they liked most about the second Swordquest game. Fifty participants were then chosen and the ultimate winner of The Chalice of Light was Michael Rideout.

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