Super Play Action Football

Super Play Action Football


Super Play Action Football is a follow up to the game NES Play Action Football. The camera angle for the game is isometric and top-down. Because the angles are diagonal, players move towards the top right of the screen as opposed to moving forwards or upwards as with traditional football games. The game features three different modes of gameplay: High School, College, and NFL. Each mode features a quick play option for both 1-2 players, but College and NFL has season long modes as well.

High School

The High School mode allows the player to create a school of their choice, including team name, and color of uniform. This mode is the simplest of the three modes in terms of both controls and play selection. Only 8 plays are allowed on offense and defense in order to keep the game to its high school roots.


College mode has a season mode in which the player can choose knock-off schools from the NCAA. Mascots and school nicknames are not allowed as Nintendo was not being able to secure licenses from both the NCAA and NFLPA. At the end of each game the player can read a newspaper that would highlight the biggest games of the previous week including the top 20 schools in the nation. 16 plays are allowed for both offense and defense as well as expanding the control set from High School mode.


The NFL mode features the most expansive move list and play selection of the three modes. All of the 28 NFL teams (at the time there were 28 teams) are featured with mascots, however without the license from the NFLPA, real-life players could not be added. The season mode is just as robust as the College mode, featuring a full season mode with proper divisions and a playoff match resulting in the Super Bowl.

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