Space Fury

Space Fury

Released by Sega in July 1981, Space Fury was the first video game title to use vector graphics that were fully coloured, predating Tempest and Space Duel. Space Fury also featured digitized voices, where the one-eyed alien would taunt the player prior to combat.

Space Fury is a 2D shooter in the vein of Asteroids. The player moves around a square board, which wraps around to the other side whenever the player reaches the wall.

Space Fury departed from Asteroids by allowing the player to choose among three different power-ups between levels. The power-ups included a three-way shot, a double-shot ahead with a single shot behind, and a double-shot behind with a single shot ahead. However, once a powerup was used, it could not be used again, making the user use strategy about when to best use them over the course of the game.

Where the objects in Asteroids got smaller as they were shot, the enemy segments in Space Fury began small and grouped together into larger objects. Once formed, these completed enemy ships could begin firing on the player.

Although it has since appeared in select Sega retro compilations, the only home conversion in the time of its original release was for the ColecoVision, where it joined other Sega branded titles like Zaxxon and Turbo with the special tag, ‘The Official’.

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