Slash was born in July of 1965, and later became the lead guitarist of Los Angeles based Heavy Rock group Guns N’ Roses. Slash is regarded as something of a Guitar God and is widely credited as being one of the most talented mainstream guitarists of his generation as illustrated by his numerous awards, including a star on the coveted Rock Walk of Fame.

 Slash wearing a suit. Bet you never thought you'd see that, right?
Slash wearing a suit. Bet you never thought you’d see that, right?

As part of Guns N’ Roses he is also recognised as being a key part of the late 80’s Heavy Rock resurgence along with bands such as Metallica, a movement which ultimately led to the downfall of “Hair” and “Glam” Metal bands such as Motley Crue. Slash is also very easily recognised for two things; his signature top hat, and his almost obsessive usage of the same kind of electric guitar, the Gibson Les Paul. Since leaving Guns N’ Roses, Slash has moved on to a variety of musical projects including Slash’s Snakepit, Slash’s Blues Ball and a variety of solo works including his 2010 album “Slash”. Despite all this, however, he has been the lead guitarist in another Heavy Rock band, Velvet Revolver with former GN’R bandmates and Scott Weiland of STP. He now records and tours solo with singer Myles Kennedy & band The Conspirators.


Gaming Appearances

In 2007, Slash Made his debut in video games by appearing as a boss character in Guitar Hero III: Legend’s of Rock, along with Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello. As part of this process Slash was required to play the guitar and perform stage theatrics (including destroying a guitar) for several hours in a skin-tight, blue Mo-Cap suit, an ordeal which he later described as “pretty fucking weird”. Slash’s image has also unusually appeared in a Guns N’ Roses Pinball Machine, released in 1994 by Data East. Mega Man X5 features a boss named Grizzly Slash named after Slash himself.


  • Despite his accent Slash is actually only half American, having been born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, to an American Mother and British Father.
  • Slash’s Mother was a costume designer for British Glam-Rocker, David Bowie. She sadly passed away in June of 2009.
  • Slash is a huge fan of Blues music and also plays the Classical Acoustic Guitar.
  • Slash keeps a variety of odd and exotic pets, including Snakes, Birds and a Couger.
  • Slash is a major proponant of the Gibson Les Paul guitar, using them almost exclusively, and is widely credited with
     A Les Paul in Slash's favorite finish, Tobacco Sunburst.
    A Les Paul in Slash’s favorite finish, Tobacco Sunburst.

    re-popularizing them in the late eighties. His favorite finish for a Les Paul is Tobacco Sunburst.

  • Like Jimi Hendrix, Slash uses Heavy Gauge guitar strings. A wonder, considering he plays with such speed and accuracy.
  • Slash used to be a horrendous alchoholic, at one time drinking an average of a half-gallon of Vodka a day.
  • Slash started playing the guitar at the age of 13, during which time he would practice for around eight hours a day.
  • According to Bradley Shoemaker, Slash is about Shredding, getting wasted and top-hats.

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