Shining Tears

Shining Tears


An elven girl named Elwyn finds Xion washed up on a river shore to begin the story. As she determines he is barely alive, a ring falls into the water. Xion, on the verge of death, was quickly taken to the village doctor Pios. As Xion awakens, he finds himself in the tavern of the town of Heroes’ Way (a fitting name).

Questioned about what happend, he cannot remember. He finds two strange rings on his hands as the two question him. As the rings will not come of Xion’s hands, Pios investigates them closely. He determines they must be the legendary rings of power, the Twin Dragon Rings. Xion drifts back asleep as Pios investgates further.

There are eight unique endings, each determined by the characters Xion teams up with.


Opening Theme – “Shining Tears” by Natsuko Kondo

Ending Theme – “The Light’s Shilloutte” by Yurie Kokubu

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