RunMan’s Monster Fracas

RunMan’s Monster Fracas


RunMan’s Monster Fracas is a side-scrolling platformer created by Tom Sennett. Originally released for free in 2005, it involves controlling RunMan, an ambiguous star who can run very fast, as he attempts to escape the jaws of the giant green monster who is chasing him.

The player controls RunMan using the arrow keys, with the right and left keys controlling horizontal movement, the up key for jumping, and the down key for sliding. As progress is made through the randomly generated environment, which is tracked by a scoring system, the pace of the game slowly increases making it more difficult to avoid hazards. RunMan can gain horizontal momentum by sliding down gradients as well as vertical momentum by bouncing off of flowers. After a score of 50 is achieved, the sun sets and the moon rises, causing a shift from day to night time and a change in music. Once the player is either eaten by the monster or falls into a pit the game is over and a score can be submitted to (a now defunct) highscore table.

Development of the game was achieved through GameMaker, which was also responsible for some of the assets that were used. Other assets, including the music, were created by Tom Sennett and Ryan McNeely.

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