Rebel Moon Rising

Rebel Moon Rising

Rebel Moon Rising is a PC game developed by Fenris Wolf Ltd. and published by GT Interactive Software Corp. The game is a sequel to the hard to find “Rebel Moon”, which has the same basis as Rebel Moon Rising. Rebel Moon was only found in a bonus disk released with the Creative Labs software “3D BLASTER PCI”.


 In the Future, the Moon had been colonized by humanity. Due to political conflicts, the Lunar colonies are rebelling against the United Nations. In the game, you play as a guy who is on the side of the Lunar Alliance, fighting against the United Nation’s forces. During the later parts of the game, it takes a twist when an alien species is discovered.


There was going to be a PlayStation version of the game, but that was canceled and just the Windows version was released. The series was also supposed to have a third game called “Rebel Moon Revolution”, but it was canceled by GT Interactive. Due to insufficient communications to the developer about the cancellation, Fenris Wolf instated a lawsuit against GT Interactive.

The game disc itself also doubled as a soundtrack disc that can operate on CD players, playing the game’s soundtrack. The PC shareware version of Rebel Moon Rising was included on disc 2 of the EIDOS game Blood.

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