Ramon Solano

Ramon Solano

Ramon Solano is a Venezuelan billionaire technocrat who, originally, hires the player in order to rescue his general, Carmona, who has been captured by a group of soldiers who refuse to side with Solano and overthrow the government. The player succeeds in rescuing the General, and the two go back to Solano. Solano congratulates the player on his or her success and promptly attempts to kill the player when they request payment. The player escapes, but is shot in the ass while jumping into the water to escape.

Vowing revenge, the player mercenary plots to get back at Solano, who in the meantime, seizes control of Venezula by means of a military coup, acting as the civillian head while Carmona controls the military. Solano goes into hiding after the coup in a bunker deep underground, only penetrable by means of a Nuclear Bunker Buster.

The player eventually succeeds in obtaining such a weapon, with the help of either the Allied Nations or the Chinese, and breaks into Solano’s bunker. The player then engages in an interactive cutscene style showdown with Solano, eventually succeeding and taking revenge on him.

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