Raiden III

Raiden III

Raiden 3 is a top down scrolling shooter arcade game where you control a plane. Raiden 3 was developed by returning Seibu Kaihatsu, but mainly by the company Moss. It was the third in the Raiden series of scrolling shooter arcade games.Raiden 3 came to arcades in 2005, and later PS2 and Windows 2000. Players take control of the Raiden Attack Fighter, in single or two-player modes. Players use an assortment of different weapons to destroy their enemy ranging from your basic machine gun to different types of missiles and lasers. Players use these weapons to destroy the aliens that have started to overrun planet earth.

The game includes four modes; the classic ‘arcade’ mode, Score Trial and Score Attack, as well as an unlockable Boss Rush mode.

A number of replays of a range of difficulty levels are available to watch, where a player may learn strategies required for high-level play.

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