Peter Pepper

Peter Pepper

Peter Pepper is a chef best known for his work making hamburgers in the game BurgerTime and Super BurgerTime. He has also worked at an ice cream factory bearing his name, and a diner called Ray’s.

Unlike most chefs, Peter Pepper makes hamburgers by walking across or jumping on ingredients, sending them to waiting plates below. He also makes other courses in a similarly unorthodox method, by kicking balls of food and ice cream with amazing power. Because of the scale of the food he works with, it’s unknown if Peter Pepper is a miniature man working with normal-sized food, or if he’s a normal-sized man working with gigantic portions of food.

Peter is constantly terrorized by spoiled rotten food, which chase him around and try to stop his food-making efforts. His most common enemies are hot dogs and eggs, but pickles, root beer mugs, and pumpkin pie have also tried to stop Peter Pepper, among other types of rotten food. Peter’s handiest defense is his pepper shaker, which renders enemies harmless for a few moments, but he has also used food ingredients to drop, crush, and run over his adversaries.

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