Olympic Games: Atlanta 1996

Olympic Games: Atlanta 1996

Olympic Games is an track & field centirc sports simulation game developed by the U.S Gold company and published by Silicon Dreams across several platforms. The game is licensed by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games and features 15 sporting events across three different game modes for players to compete in.

The game menu comprises the Olympic, Arcade and Challenge options for players to choose from. The first allows you to compete in a 15 event Olympic games, with qualifying rounds and finals against 29 CPU competitors. The Arcade mode allows players to complete a series of qualifying scores, which gradually increase in difficulty once you’ve passed them. A three life limit is given, which depletes when you fail events. Lastly, the Challenge mode is where players can select any number of events to compete in against 7 CPU or Human (through use of a Multitap) controlled opponents.

Similar to the licensed Olympic Soccer game, also developed by U.S Gold, the game features commentary from Northern Irish radio-host Alan Green, motion captured animations and a range of different nations to choose from (30 in this instance as opposed to 32 in the soccer themed release).

Events cover a broad range of the types present at the Summer Olympics, with the oft-used track & field disciplines of Javelin, Long Jump, 100 Metres, Discus, Triple Jump, High Jump, Hammer and Pole Vault all selectable. To provide further brevity in disciplines, the game affords players the chance to compete in the 100M Freestyle, Rapid Fire Pistol, Skeet, Archery, Fencing and Weight Lifting.

Gameplay generally follows the tenets of other track & field games, with button mashing featuring heavily. Some events require players to gauge their stamina and conserve energy or measure angles of release as opposed to flat out button pressing speed also.

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