Monty on the Run

Monty on the Run


Monty on the Run is the third game in the Gremlin Graphics series of platformers starring Monty Mole. After his escape from prison in the last game, the player is tasked with assisting his escape from the UK to Europe. Monty must avoid all the enemies, find the correct items needed to escape and make it onto the ship leaving England.


The main theme for the Commodore 64 version, produced by Rob Hubbard, is widely regarded as one of the best songs ever made for the system. The song also appears in the game I Wanna Be The Guy as the theme to Guy’s castle.

Famicom Disk System Port

In 1987, Jaleco procured the rights to publish Monty on the Run in Japan on the Famicom Disk System. Rather than stay close to the source material, like they did with their port of Knight Lore, Monty on the Run was drastically changed for this release.

Renamed Monty no Doki Doki Daisassou, or “Monty’s Heart-Pounding Great Escape”, the game plays much more like a straightforward NES platformer. The goal is to search caverns to find tiles with parts of the true culprit’s face – forming the full image at the end will get Monty off the hook.

It still retains some aspects of the original, such as a version of Hubbard’s famous theme and obtaining necessary escape items. Monty (though now a human) still flips while jumping like the original Monty did.

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