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Alignment: Evil
Species: Oni
Origin: Netherrealm
Allies: Drahmin
Enemies: Scorpion 


The sorcerer Quan Chi offers Moloch and Drahmin freedom from the Netherrealm if they agree to protect him from Scorpion.  During a fight between Scorpion, Moloch, and Drahmin, Quan Chi escapes the Netherrealm leaving Moloch and Drahimin behind.  Enraged,  the Oni follow Quan Chi through the portal, but they are transported to a different location than Quan Chi.  
In Outworld, Moloch and Drahmin encounter Cyrax but have to flee from his bombs.  Taking refuge in a forest they feast on wanders who get too close to the forest’s borders.  Soon they are enlisted by Shang Tsung and held in his palace in case Quan Chi were to turn on him.  Moloch and Drahmin are eventually set free, but instead of confronting Quan Chi they protect him from Scorpion by hurling the ninja into the Soulnado.


Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

After defeating Blaze and absorbing his power Moloch is transformed into a Destroyer of Worlds.  Moloch then proceeds to destroy Edenia, turning it into a barren wasteland.  However, during this destruction he also destroyed the Edenian portals, which leaves him trapped in Edenia, a victim of his new-found powers.

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