Judy Nails

Judy Nails


Judy Nails is one of the playable characters in the Guitar Hero franchise, having been in every game since the original release. There seems to be an inconsistency based on the sub-genres of rock she represents. In GH1 she is noted to be a punk/gothic rocker. In the sequel, she is said to be the queen of Alternative. By GHIII, it is said that she incorporates punk, goth and rockabilly to express her own style. According to her original Guitar Hero bio, she was born Judith Ann Taylor.

Judy’s character is based off of real life rocker Judita Wignall, as indicated by the characters feature in the original Guitar Hero. Much of Judy’s on-stage moves were motion captured by Judita herself, and her personal look/style would go on to influence Judy’s in-game costumes. Outside Guitar Hero, Judita plays for the all-girl band The Halo Friendlies and is the frontwoman for Scouts of St. Sebastian (Their song ‘In Love’ appears as a bonus track in Guitar Hero III). Judy appears in all games in the series except for Guitar Hero: On Tour Modern Hits.


Guitar Hero III’s incarnation of Judy Nails would differ from her past looks. Her look would resemble more a gothic slant compared to her GHII alternative look. Her in-game bio notes that her style of rock includes punk, goth and rockabilly – possibly to make up for the fact Pandora (GHII’s gothic rocker) and Eddie Knox (GHII’s rockabilly rocker) did not appear in that iteration.

Her appearance caused a bit of controversy, as many female gamers felt that she had been oversexualized in Guitar Hero III. Her breasts were made noticeably bigger, and Neversoft saw fit to include breast bounce on her while playing songs. Many felt this ran counter to her appeal in the first two Guitar Hero games.

This version of Judy Nails is a unlockable skater in Neversoft’s Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground.

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