Joe Higashi

Joe Higashi


Joe Higashi, the Muay Thai champion, first met Andy Bogard in a tournament but was defeated. The two became friends, and Joe joined the first King of Fighters tournament in South Town along side Andy’s older brother, Terry Bogard. Even though he has never been in the top spot, Joe has always been a good guy. Joe is often used as a comedic relief for the Fatal Fury and KoF series. Joe rarely has a important role in the King of Fighter story arcs yet due to his popularity he has appeared in nearly every Fatal Fury and KoF game. When competing in the King of Fighters Tournament, Joe has always been in the Fatal Fury Team. The Fatal Fury Team is made of of Joe, Terry, Andy, and sometimes Mai Shiranui, Blue Mary, or Kim Kaphwan.


Joe in Fatal Fury 2
Joe in Fatal Fury 2

Joe wears typical Muay Thai Gear, commonly seen with white hand and foot wraps and yellow or red shorts. He often sports tall black, slightly spiked hair with a Japanese red sun headband. Joe’s design has changed very little since his debut.

Special Moves

Joe Higashi will not have every one of his moves in every game, but this is a list of his most iconic and current special attacks.

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Machine Gun Punch : delivers punches in rapid succession.

Hurricane Upper : Throws a uppercut that generates a small tornado.

Slash Kick : Jumps across the screen with his leg out stretched.

Tiger Kick : Jumps upward with his knee extended.

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