Jan Ors

Jan Ors


Jan Ors is an Alderann operative for the Rebel Alliance. During a mission aboard the Star of Empire she was captured and met, the then Imperial soldier, Kyle Katarn. She revealed to Kyle that his father was not killed by the Rebel Alliance, as he was lead to believe, but that his father was, in fact, killed by the Galactic Empire.This realization caused Katarn to defect from the Galatic Empire and help Ors escape.From then on she worked with Kyle as a pilot and mercenary for the Rebel Alliance.

In Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II she is captured by both Jabba the Hutt and Jerec and (presuming the player chooses the light side) both times is saved by Kyle. She is also captured by Desann and Tavion, who fake her execution to fuel Kyle’s rage. But Kyle finds her alive on the Doomgiver, a ship under the command of Galak Fyyar. Kyle managed to rescue her once again and leave her safe on Yavin IV.

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