How to be a Complete Bastard

How to be a Complete Bastard


After successfull gate crashing a party on the posh side of town you set out with the task to incapacitate all the guests by being as much as a bastard as possible. To help you along the way on your quest to upset everyone you are given four bars which you must fill to help accomplish you goals, These bars consist of a Drunkometer, Weeeometer, Fartometer and a smellometer. All four of the bars can be filled up with exploring the hosts house and finding anything to help you such as a curry or laxatives.


It has both original gameplay and graphics. Part of what makes the game so unique is how it attempts to represent 3-D spaces using two 2D perspectives. It is also imaginative with the scale of items the player can interact with in game, finding pens in coat pockets with which to stab other guests, for example. Almost every bit of furniture the player comes across can be interacted with in some way (even if it is simply a case of ‘Eat it, Smash it or Throw it’). There are several ‘trick’ interactions in the game as well, such a computer that can be SPOILER. Your character’s appearance can also be altered.
This is one of the first games to attempt to reflect the effects of drunkeness.


It is possible some elements of the game The Haunting on the Megadrive/Genesis were inspired by this game.

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