Elizabeta Torres

Elizabeta Torres


Elizabeta Torres is a somewhat successful cocaine dealer who resides in Bohan. With the upcoming drug crackdown about to be unleashed on Liberty City and with her own substance abuse spiraling out of control, she is in an extremely paranoid and delusional state once Niko has first met her.

Niko first meets Elizabeta after being recommended to her by Mallorie Bardas. One of the first tasks she gives Niko is to protect Packie McReary during a drug deal, making her the root of Packie and Niko’s future criminal endeavors. After a few more missions completed, Niko witnesses Elizabeta kill Manny Escuela and Jay Hamilton in a rage caused by a mix of delusion, anger, confusion, and recent cocaine use. After Niko disposes the bodies, Elizabeta severs their relationship, as she feels the police are closing in on her.


  • Elizabeta appears in the third trailer of Grand Theft Auto IV and in the promotional artwork for the game.
  • It’s suggested that she is either lesbian or bisexual.
  • Original models of Elizabeta show her as much thinner.
  • Using the police database website, it is shown that Elizabeta is taken into custody after she ends her relationship with Niko.
  • By listening to the in-game radio, it is revealed that Elizabeta was eventually found guilty on 30 charges of cocaine distribution and received 300 years of imprisonment as a result.


Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Luck of the Irish
  • Blow Your Cover
  • The Snow Storm
  • Have a Heart

The Lost and Damned

  • Buyer’s Market
  • Heavy Toll
  • Marta Full of Grace
  • Shifting Weight

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