Eddie Wachowski

Eddie Wachowski


Eddie is a former street luge star that first joined the SSX world circuit in SSX Tricky. Despite appearing as though he is stuck in the disco era, his speed on the slopes often puts him in a distinct advantage in race events. Although he does not appear in SSX 3 or Blur, DJ Atomika openly wonders where Eddie has gone since his disappearance.

SSX Tricky

Eddie in SSX Tricky
Eddie in SSX Tricky

In Tricky, he sports a visor and is typically dressed in 70’s garb. Eddie also has a number of special Uber Tricks that he can perform including his take on “the robot,” “the snake,” and even “the worm.”

He is voiced by David Arquette.

  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Age: 19

SSX (2012)

Eddie makes his long awaited return in SSX.

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