Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun

Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun


Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun is an RPG developed and published exclusively for the Sega Genesis. It is based on the Dungeons & Dragons table-top license, and in particular an obtuse region of the Mystara campaign setting found inside the planet’s hollow core.

The story begins during the closing onslaught of a goblin siege upon Duke Barrik’s castle. In the dying seconds before the castle is overrun, it magically teleports to a new and strange land! In a valley surrounded by sheer cliffs, it falls to a likely band of heroes to venture into the unknown in an attempt to find allies and preserve the kingdom and culture.


The game follows the relatively straightforward rules of party system adventuring, with the benefit of the player being allowed to customize their party before the game begins. Like many RPG games, the party members start out as mere weaklings surrounded by superior beasts and enemies. Progression in the early stages of the game demands some time spent on grinding levels and improving inventory items.

Combat has two modes, depending upon the given situation:

  • Out in the open (valley, swamp etc) battles are a strategic affair utilizing a combination of ranged, magic and direct melee attacks. It becomes important here to have a well-rounded party to effectively dispose of enemies. Attacks are based on turns during this combat, for instance, once the party has attacked, the enemy will counter.
  • In dungeons/caves the combat moves towards real-time, requiring the player to cycle through attacks using the A or B buttons. Each attack is followed by the next party member, with the ability to actively retreat or pursue enemies should it be necessary.

In both cases the attack ritual is the same, with a different attacks mapped to both A and B.

Visual Style

In normal adventuring mode, 70% of the screen shows the party in the world from a distorted isometric viewpoint. The other 30% of the screen shows status bars and pictures of each member of the party including which attacks are mapped to A and B buttons.

During underground adventuring in dungeons/caves, the screen changes to include a notepad section that describes traps, smells, approaching enemies and items found. This effectively limits the viewport down to about 25% of the screen which displays a 3D dungeon/cave.



Proficient in both spell casting and fighting. Many of their spells heal damage or negate adverse effects on party members.


The primary warriors of any party. They generally have the most hit points and deal the most damage. Fighters are great leaders to a party as they can absorb lots of damage, effectively protecting the other members.


Spellcasters who have the lowest hit points yet can cause tremendous damage from range. Magic-Users also have the ability to ‘entangle’ enemies effectively paralyzing them so they become vulnerable to melee attacks.


Specializing in stealth, sneaking up on opponents and removing traps. Thieves are good in battle using ranged weapons such as bows and slingshots.


A shorter, stockier version of the Fighter. Dwarves receive as many hit points as Fighters and are just as good at dealing out damage.


Combining the skills of fighting and magic, elves are a good all rounder to any party. They are neither as strong as Fighters, or as powerful as Magic-Users however.


An interesting combination of Fighter, Cleric and Thief, the Halflings can handle their own in a battle yet don’t have the highest hit points, and they can also hide like a thief without some of the trap spotting abilities.

Each character class can be male or female with the added ability to customize color, name and beginning stats.

Critical Reception

When released Electronics Gaming Monthly issued the scores of 4,7,4,7 adding, “…exceptional graphics for this type of game. If you are into RPGs give this one a try you won’t be disappointed”.

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