Donnie Darko: The Adventure Game

Donnie Darko: The Adventure Game

Donnie Darko: The Adventure Game was createdfor the June 2003 MAGS (Monthly AGS) competition, for which the guidelines stated that the game should parody an existing movie, cover new quests, or continue the storyline.

In this game, young Donnie Darko is woken up at night by Frank, which he only hears in his head. Donnie is a disturbed teenager who, after an incident with a jet engine that came crashing down in his room, investigates a doomsday warning he receives from a man in a bunny suit by the name of Frank. Frank tells him there are 3 quests to complete before Donnie can get back to sleep. He has to post a letter, retrieve confiscated movie reels and help a shopkeeper who locked himself out. The game takes place on October 21, 1988 and some characters from the film recur, but the quests are new.

The game uses a point-and-click interface, with menu actions at the top or cycled through with the right mouse button (walk, pick up, talk, use), along with an inventory. The game itself is quite short and can be finished in less than 15 minutes, and the soundtrack is lifted from the original film.

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