Donald’s Alphabet Chase

Donald’s Alphabet Chase

Just to provide some useless trivia on this game, I was one of the developers who coded it for the Apple II.  I was barely out of high school and Westwood studios was just becoming successful,

Every single line of code in this game was written in 6502 assembly language, which was brutal, but pretty standard at the time.  The Apple II also had graphics memory that was aligned by “7”, rather than a power of 2 like 4, 8, or 16.  This was the last time such a design decision was made in graphics hardware.  Glad I caught the tail end of that fun.

Currently I still do graphics programming, but for ecards instead of games.  Many of the people working at Westwood at the time who were all Las Vegas locals, are still in the game industry or graphics fields.  A smart bunch, learned a lot from them.

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