The Demoman is a character class in the Team Fortress franchise. His primary and secondary weapons are his grenade launcher and his sticky grenade launcher, both making the Demoman crucial to the roles of area denial and sentry destruction. He is widely known for being an angry “black Scottish cyclops.” His real name was revealed to be Tavish DeGroot in a comic released with the Demo update.

  • Health: 175
  • Speed: 93% of normal
  • Role: Defensive

The Demoman is voiced by Gary Schwartz, who also voices the Heavy.


A fierce temper, a fascination with all things explosive, and a terrible plan to kill the Loch Ness Monster cost the six year old Demoman both adoptive parents. Later, at the Crypt Grammar School for Orphans near Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands, the boy’s bomb-making skills improved dramatically. His disposition and total number of intact eyeballs, however, did not. It was not long before Crypt Grammar received two visitors: Demoman’s real parents, who explained that all Demomen are abandoned at birth until their skills manifest themselves, a longstanding, cruel, and wholly unnecessary tradition among the Highland Demolition Men.

  • Name: Tavish De Groot
  • Country of origin: Ullapool, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Motto: “Boom, Baby, Boom”
  • Emblem: Bomb

He now currently lives in a large mansion in Badlands, New Mexico. He makes an estimated five million dollars a year, which he makes because he holds down three jobs.

Default Weapons

Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher


The grenade launcher fires standard grenades that either explode on impact with an enemy (on the full only), or else explode after a couple of seconds. Like the shotgun, they can be fired at any time so long as at least one grenade is loaded, and the grenades themselves bounce off walls making them conducive to firing at enemies around corners or behind cover. For immediate threats to the Demoman’s livelihood, it is usually worth aiming to hit on the full, which requires the Demoman to predict where his target will be in about half a second’s time and aim there dependent on the server lag.

The best use of the grenade launcher tends to be as a spam weapon, firing rounds into a group of multiple enemies, and not worrying too much if they miss – as long as the enemies are not advancing too quickly, the explosions will still get them. Critical grenades are extremely dangerous for anyone nearby, so they compliment this strategy very nicely. Reloading is slow, so do it often, whenever you get the chance.

As of the Pyro Update, Pyros equipped with the standard flamethrower can use their air blast to not only deflect these grenades but to change their color, causing them to do damage the Demoman’s team. As a result caution should be taken firing blindly into congested areas.

Advantages: Respectable damage plus splash damage, line of sight not required, perfect for harassing targets in or around cover, can be spammed to weaken enemies and deter movement.

Disadvantages: Must hit enemy on the full to ensure damage (often difficult), small clip and painfully slow to reload when you really need it to, pretty ineffective against aware and dodging enemies beyond short range.


  • Ammo: Holds 4 grenades, 16 in reserve.
  • Base damage: 120
  • Critical hits: 295
  • Max range: Medium
  • Projectile: Arcing grenade
  • Reload: One at a time

Sticky Grenade Launcher

Sticky Grenade Launcher
Sticky Grenade Launcher


The sticky bomb launcher (aka pipe bomb or sticky grenade launcher) is more tactical than the grenade launcher, but operates in a similar fashion. Fire the sticky bombs with primary fire and detonate with secondary fire. Only 8 sticky bombs can be placed at a given time, so placing another one will cause the oldest one to detonate, causing standard explosion damage. If you hold down the fire button you will charge up your shot before release, giving it more velocity.

It can be used as an anti-personnel weapon in a direct fire fight by firing and immediately detonating the sticky bombs, or by placing the sticky bomb where your target will be in the next few seconds. Chances are he won’t react quickly enough, and you can detonate the bombs right as he walks over them. Both methods are generally used while backpedalling and dodging fire.

The sticky bomb launcher also has great tactical uses. First, the sight of sticky bombs in a doorway or narrow path, complimented by the demoman making his presence known, serves as a very effective deterrent to enemies who know that if they walk through the field of bombs, they will most likely explode. As such, visibly covering choke points with sticky bombs, or ‘plugging’ them, can cause enemies to reconsider their path, and if not prevent attacks altogether, at least slow them down. Just be careful not to get picked off before pressing the button because all of your sticky bombs disappear the second you die. If you are still alive when they do eventually walk through (or if the enemy team simply doesn’t care about the threat), it tends to be at least one free kill.

The other tact is taking the sneaky approach by placing your stickies in hard to see locations and watch them from a distance; tucked into a corner right past a door or hallway is usually a standard spot. Simply wait until an enemy walks past them for a nice bloody mess.

Another great use for sticky bombs is for destruction, or the killing of engineer buildings, especially sentry guns. Soldiers and demomen are usually tasked with destroying these dangerous pieces of equipment, and the sticky bomb launcher is the perfect tool for the job. The demoman can pop out from cover, fire a sticky bomb at the sentry gun’s base, and quickly return to cover before the sentry can start firing. Rinse and repeat until about 3 sticky bombs are near the sentry gun, then detonate them. The upshot of this is, unlike the steady flow of rockets a soldier uses to do this, the engineer has no time to repair his buildings – they are destroyed instantly, usually along with the Engineer. The fun really begins when the demoman is übercharged as he can stroll through enemy territory placing sticky bombs on every building he sees. Again, don’t wait too long to blow the bombs up as you might get killed the instant the Ubercharge wears off.

Advantages: Nice clip size, can stick to most surfaces making it effective for ambushing, ability to charge shot for good range coverage, detonate ability can ensure damage, especially effective against stationary targets (engineer buildings), gives demoman the ability to sticky bomb jump, wall of stickies in a choke point serves as a major deterrent for enemy movement.

Disadvantages: Weak for short range face-offs where damage can take too long to be dealt, painfully slow reload, planted sticky bombs can be displaced by bullets and explosions, direct hits on enemies are useless.


  • Ammo: Holds 8 bombs, 24 in reserve.
  • Base Damage: 120 (45-114 to self)
  • Mini-crits: 162
  • Critical hits: 180 at max range from explosion, 353 at direct contact.
  • Max range: Medium (Long if charged)
  • Projectile: Arcing grenade
  • Reload: One at a time

Whisky Bottle

Whisky Bottle
Whisky Bottle


Another amusing melee weapon, the whisky-loving demoman busts out an empty xXx whisky bottle bar fight-style and smashes his enemies with it. Critical hits cause the bottle to break, which has no effect on gameplay.


  • Base Damage: 65 (59 to 72)
  • Mini-crits: 88
  • Critical hits: 195

Unlockable Weapons

Loch-n-Load (Replaces the Grenade Launcher)

The Loch-n-Load
The Loch-n-Load


The Loch-n-Load is a craftable primary weapon for the Demoman, released for the The Expert’s Ordnance set. It has 60% less clip size. The grenades fired by the Loch-n-Load are much faster, and inflict slightly more damage, but are more hazardous to the Demoman that fired them, giving 25% more damage do the player, and will shatter harmlessly if they hit something other than an enemy player.

The Loose Cannon (Replaces the Grenade Launcher)

The Loose Cannon.
The Loose Cannon.


The Loose Cannon is a hand cannon that fires bombs that do not explode on contact, but knock back the target. they also do 50% less damage after contact with a surface. however, the grenades fired have a shorter fuse of 2 seconds, and can be primed before fired.

The Scottish Resistance (Replaces the Sticky Launcher)


The Scottish Resistance
The Scottish Resistance

A weapon coming out of the WAR! update. This weapon can lay 14 sticky bombs down at one time, as opposed to the default 8, and carries 50% more reserve ammo. When detonating stickies only the ones in your view will explode, meaning you can set and spring multiple traps independently. This can be useful when used as a defensive weapon on maps with multiple entryways. In an added bonus the Resistance’s bombs will destroy enemy stickies instead of just blowing them around.

The weapon’s main downside is an increased arm time of 0.4 seconds. This may not seem like much but it effectively keeps you from air-bursting your bombs, and overall gives your enemies more time to react, keeping this weapon almost strictly in the defensive category. Also since you need to see the bombs you are detonating you cannot blind fire up into windows.

Sticky jumping can prove to be trickier with this weapon.

  • The player is awarded the Scottish Resistance for achieving ” Demoman Milestone 3” (Get 17 Demoman achievements)

The Chargin` Targe (Replaces the Sticky Launcher)

The Chargin' Targe
The Chargin’ Targe


This weapon was released after the WAR! update. The Chargin’ Targe is a small shield that sits on your left arm while using your other weapons, reducing fire and explosive damage. The targe also gives you an alt-fire charge move that hurtles you forward. Can be used to cross terrain, impale your enemies on the targe, or give a critical boost to your melee weapons.

  • The player is awarded the Chargin’ Targe for achieving ” Demoman Milestone 1” (Get 5 Demoman achievements)

Splendid Screen (Replaces the Sticky Launcher)

The Splendid Screen
The Splendid Screen


This weapon is a iron shield with four knobs on it, and a large boss in the middle. It gives 60% less fire resistance and 62,5% less explosive resistance, compared to the Chargin’ Targe. However, it doesn’t have a minimum distance required to deliver damage with the shield bash, and a sucessful charge delivers 70% more damage.

The Eyelander (Replaces the Bottle)


The Eyelander
The Eyelander

The last weapon to come out of the WAR! update. This weapon is a mighty claymore with a long reach, and when used in conjunction with The Chargin’ Targe it can inflict alot of damage on an enemy. Dashing towards them can quickly put you right into their face and give you a critical buff at the same time. The sword is cursed however, and starts a demo that uses it with 25 less health. However if you satiate the sword’s desire for heads by felling your opponents each decapitation will give you a boost in max health and speed.

  • The player is awarded the Eyelander for achieving ” Demoman Milestone 2” (Get 11 Demoman achievements)
  • The Eyelander does not make random critical hits like other weapons.

The Scotsman’s Skullcutter (Replaces the Bottle)

The Scotsman's Skullcutter
The Scotsman’s Skullcutter

DescriptionA seriously savage battle-axe carried by the Demoman into the heart of battle. This giant weapon hits 20% harder than normal melee weapons but it’s size means the Demoman moves 15% slower. Although it will decapitate enemies like the Eyelander it does not gain any head bonuses. On the plus side it has the Eyelander’s long range but can still make random criticals as well as Targe assisted ones.


  • Base Damage: 78
  • Mini-crit: 105
  • Critical Hit: 234 (Enough to kill all unbuffed classes but the Heavy)
  • The Scotsman’s Skullcutter can be crafted by combining an Axtinguisher with a Jarate.

The Pain Train (Replaces the Bottle)

The Pain Train
The Pain Train


The Pain Train is a “Makeshift Club” that can be used by either the Demoman or his fellow explosives aficionado the Soldier. This crude piece of weaponry gives you the Scout’s ability to count as two people in regards to speeding up a point capture or pushcart. It’s downside is that you take 10% extra damage from hitscan weapons (Shotguns, pistols, sentries ect).

  • The Pain Train can be crafted by combining a Sandman with one scrap metal.
  • The Pain Train functions identically to the bottle as a melee weapon.

Frying Pan (Replaces the Bottle)


Melee weapon that was given away during the Left 4 Dead 2 “The Sacrifice” promotion, to players who bought or had already purchased Left 4 Dead 2.

Unusual Headless Horseman’s Headtaker (Replaces the Bottle)

The Unusual Headless Horseman's Headtaker
The Unusual Headless Horseman’s Headtaker


Melee weapon craftable and obtainable since the Scream Fortress halloween event. It’s a re-skin of the Eyelander, with all the stats unchanged.

Ullapool Caber (Replaces the Bottle)

The Ullapool Caber
The Ullapool Caber


This weapon explodes upon impact, causing every enemy as well as yourself to take damage. It deals 150 damage to all enemies in the blast radius with no damage fall-off due to damage. Only the first hit explodes. After the first hit, the grenade does not crit randomly and does standard damage for a melee weapon. The only way to replenish the explosive charge it to hit a Resupply Locker.

Half-Zatoichi (Replaces the Bottle)

The Half-Zatoichi
The Half-Zatoichi


When you wield this weapon, you can’t change weapons until you kill an enemy. Upon killing, the player’s health is restored in full. Anyone wielding a Half-Zatoichi can instantly slay any enemy actively brandishing a Half-Zatoichi of their own.

Persian Persuader (Replaces the Bottle)

The Persian Persuader
The Persian Persuader


This melee weapon is a scimitar with a brass hilt and a bloodied blade, that doubles the recharge rate of the Chargin’ Targe and the Splendid Screen when equipped, and converts ammo pickup to health when collected (it doesn’t apply to the Payload Cart, the Resupply Locker, and Dispensers)

Nessie’s Nine Iron (Replaces the Bottle)

The Nessie's Nine Iron
The Nessie’s Nine Iron


This community created melee weapon is a re-skin for the Eyelander. It has the appearance of a golf club. All stats and weapon system is the same as the Eyelander.


Sticky Bomb Jumping

Sticky Bomb Jumping is very similar to rocket jumping, but using sticky bombs instead of rockets (note: a player is able to increase their jump height by using pipe bombs, but the issues of timing and erratic bomb behavior make this impractical).

To do a sticky jump:

  1. Place a sticky on the ground
  2. Run towards the sticky
  3. Jump over then detonate the sticky

Depending the angle and distance between you and the sticky, you can achieve various distances and heights. You can even use two stickies to achieve ridiculous range, but this is ill-advised unless there is health or a medic near the landing zone (the bombs plus the landing will bring a full health Demoman to under 50 regularly). If you fire a crit sticky don’t worry you won’t take any extra damage. Also be aware that the period between launching the bomb and being able to detonate it is approximately one second, so don’t go too fast or you will miss the jump.


  • Shoot your sticky bombs on the sides of walls, behind automatic doors, or around corners. Seasoned players will easily notice the sticky bombs on the floor, and it’s ill-advised to place them like this unless you’re in direct combat, guarding a capture point, sticky jumping or putting them on a slope so that players will not see them until it’s too late.
  • Blind firing the pipe bombs isn’t very useful (you can get lucky and take out some people, it’s unlikey though), but it can have its advantages. Firing into a spot where you know an enemy has gone can flush them out, or into a busy area from behind cover.
  • Spreading your sticky bombs around a capture point is an effective, if not overused and obvious, way of protecting your capture point. When you see that your CP is being captured, just go ahead and right click.

Meet the Demoman

Meet the Demoman was released on October 9th 2007, the day before the release of Team Fortress 2. The video demonstrates the Demoman’s love for explosives and also shows us the anger and drunkness the Demoman endures.


Grenade Launcher

Taunt position when the grenade launcher is equipped.
Taunt position when the grenade launcher is equipped.

The Demoman lifts up his body armor to show a smiley face taped onto the crotch of his pants and shouts, “KA-BOOM!”

Sticky Grenade Launcher

Taunt position when the sticky grenade launcher is equipped.
Taunt position when the sticky grenade launcher is equipped.

The Demoman spins around, thumps his chest twice, and then throws a V-Sign.

Whiskey Bottle

Taunt position when the whiskey bottle is equipped.
Taunt position when the whiskey bottle is equipped.

The Demoman says “Cheers, mate!”, takes a swig from his bottle, and belches loudly in one of two different ways.


The Demoman's taunt kill position.
The Demoman’s taunt kill position.

When taunting with the Eyelander, Half-Zatoichi, Nessie’s Nine Iron, Persian Persuader or the Claidheamohmor equipped, the Demoman brings his sword up in one hand, twirls it, and then slashes it horizontally at neck level, decapitating anyone slow, unaware or simply unfortunate enough to be standing in front of him at the moment of the swing with a one hundred percent chance of death animation. It’s necessary to kill someone with this taunt to earn the ‘Scotch Tap’ achievement.


Below is a list of every hat the Demoman can equip in the head slot.

Miscellaneous items

Below is a list of every item the Demoman can equip in the two misc slots.

  • Dangeresque, Too?
  • A Whiff of the Old Brimstone
  • Scottish Snarl
  • Pickled Paws
  • Ornament Armament
  • Aladdin’s Private Reserve
  • Snapped Pupil
  • Teufort Tooth Kicker
  • Professor’s Pineapple
  • Liquor Locker
  • Bird-Man of Aberdeen
  • Battery Bandolier
  • Bearded Bombardier
  • King of Scotland Cape
  • Menpo
  • Bonedolier
  • Voodo-Cursed Demoman Soul
  • Deadliest Duckling
  • Cool Breeze
  • Mutton Mann
  • Buck Turner All-Stars
  • Blind Justice
  • Bolted Bombardier
  • HDMI Patch
  • Scrumpy Strongbox
  • Dark Age Defender
  • Tartantaloons
  • Gaelic Golf Bag
  • Macho Mann
  • Gaelic Garb
  • Whiskey Bib

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