Daytona USA

Daytona USA

The game should not be confused with the recent PSN/XBLA release, which is actually an update of the original arcade version.


There are eight courses in Daytona USA, each of which have a mirror, reverse, and mirror reverse version. Five courses return from previous games and three tracks are new for this version.

Three Seven Speedway (returning from the original arcade game)

Dinosaur Canyon (returning from the original arcade game)

Sea-Side Street Galaxy (returning from the original arcade game)

National Park Speedway (returning from Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition)

Desert City (returning from Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition)

Circuit Pixie (exclusive new course)

Rin Rin Rink (exclusive new course)

Mermaid Lake (exclusive new course)


There was only one car in the original Daytona USA.In CCE there were nine different cars to choose from, each with different attributes for Grip, Acceleration, and Top Speed. Selectable cars return in this version but with an entirely new cast of ten cars to choose from. Four of the cars are available from the start, and the other six are unlockable through fulfilling certain conditions.

Car Name Unlock Conditions Grip Acceleration Max Speed
Hornet available from the start 70 70 70
Grasshopper available from the start 90 40 30
Falcon available from the start 80 50 50
Lightning available from the start 50 80 80
Unicorn beat championship mode 35 90 90
Red Cat win an online race 60 80 65
Pywackett Barchetta finish one race with each original car in single race mode 85 80 40
Rule of the 9th beat track records for all mirror reverse tracks in single race mode 50 85 85
Javelin accumulate 100 hours of game time 20 100 100
Pywackett Barchetta Super Finish a race by turning around and
going backwards with the Pywackett Barchetta
in single race mode
100 60 45

There are several options after selecting a car, including choosing automatic or manual transmission, the level of tire inflation, and car color. There is a separate menu in which 3 different color slots can be edited.

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