Mouthy, brash and head-strong would be one way to describe Daxter. The impetuous and egotistical is partially responsible for Jak’s incredible journey in the Jak & Daxter series.

Daxter began his adventure as a humanoid similar to Jak, but that didn’t last long – while exploring the Misty Islands close to his home with his friend Jak, Daxter is transformed from a buck-toothed kid into an ottsel (an otter/weasel hybrid) after landing in a vat of Dark Eco.

It would be discovered later, that Daxter had actually been transformed into a pure-blood Precursor. The inhabitants of Jak & Daxter’s world had all been created by an extra-terrestrial species, and each had a small segment of Precursor DNA locked away in their genetic code. Daxter’s exposure to Dark Eco triggered a change that re-wrote his genetic make up and thus changing him. Discovering he’d taken the form of the legendary Precursors gave him a huge boost to his already swollen ego.

Daxter spoke in place of his silent friend, up until he rescues Jak from Baron Praxis‘ prison post-Dark Eco treatment. From that point on Jak and Daxter were on equal footing (from a dialogue perspective at least).

Voice Talent

In the English version of the franchise, Max Casella provides the voice talent for Daxter.


In ottsel form Daxter has a similar colour scheme to that of Naughty Dog’s prior protagonist, Crash Bandicoot. He also does silly things much like Crash. Daxter could be the spiritual successor to Crash.

Daxter also feels that Jak is the sidekick to Daxter’s hero story.

He frequently stars in many side minigames including but not limited to riding missles, playing “whack a metal head”, to even playing the roll of Pacman in an arcade machine.

The Daxter spin-off game provides scenarios in which Daxter parodies many Hollywood movies such as Braveheart, The Matrix, and The Lord of the Rings.


  • Remind me not to piss you off!!
  • Uh, we won’t find any more of that Dark-gooey-Eco stuff in there, will we? Cuz I’d hate to fall in again and turn into you!
  • Don’t worry! I’ll avenge You…..NOT!!!
  • Don’t step into the Light! Jak, DON’T STEP INTO THE LIGHT!!
  • I’m Daxter. He’s Jak. He’s with me.
  • Hey Jak, Can I have your insect collection?

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