Dark Rift

Dark Rift


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Dark Rift is a 3D sci-fi weapon-based fighting game developed by Kronos and published by Vic Tokai for the Nintendo 64 (on July 10, 1997) and PC (on October 22, 1997 in North America only). The Japanese version, known as Space Dynamites, was reIeased for the N64 on March 27, 1998, adding a new feature (super combos).

The spiritual sequel to their previous sci-fi fighting game Criticom, Dark Rift takes place in the far future as an intergalactic tyrant named Sonork holds a tournament throughout different dimensions for the possession of a mysterious relic (the Core Prime Element). Unlike the previous game, the characters are no longer upgradable and it uses a standard round-based system.


The game includes eight playable fighters and two bosses (who are unlockable for play via a cheat code).

  • Aaron Maverick
  • Demonica
  • Eve
  • Gore
  • Morphix
  • Niiki
  • Scarlet Zerai
  • Zenmuron
  • Sonork (boss, unlockable with cheat code)
  • Demitron (final boss, unlockable with cheat code)

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