Crypt of Medea

Crypt of Medea


 Crypt of Medea is one of the early text-based adventure games to use graphics, however, the game still uses text commands like the traditional style of adventure games in that era. 
The goal of the game was to escape from Medea’s crypt. To do so, the player must use a variety of items and avoid falling victim to a number of enemies and traps. 


 After falling unconscious during a late night drive, the unnamed protagonist wakes up in a unfamiliar tomb. This tomb is the crypt of Medea, and it is filled with hostile creatures and deadly traps. The protagonist is forced to explore the crypt in hopes of escaping.   

~ From the Wikipedia page.   
      Unfortunately not much else is explained throughout the game. The player never finds out how the protagonist ended up in the tomb or why. The game provides no back-story on Medea or why she antagonises the protagonist. In fact Medea never appears in the game, the only evidence of her existence is an inscription that she wrote.

The only appearance of Medea.      
The only appearance of Medea.      





 The game has several different sections, with each section is represented with a picture and description. Objects and creatures that the player can interact with are always visible in the picture and are described in the text description. The player is able to move from on section to another by moving in cardinal directions or occasionally through other actions.   
The Primary gameplay mechanic of Crypt of Medea is the use of items. Items can be found in many locations throughout the game, but the protagonist can only hold a certain number of items at any given time. Often items are necessary to overcoming the challenges the game offers the protagonist (puzzles, enemies.) Since the player has limited inventory space, managing which items to carry plays a crucial role in the game. 


 Crypt of Medea upon release was considered a fairly graphic and adult game due in part to it’s detailed descriptions of violent deaths. However, despite the mature content the game was enjoyed by several critics.  

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