Originally just an extra racing character for Diddy Kong Racing, Conker was given his very own adventure in the form of Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the N64. Conker is fully fleshed in Bad Fur Day making him one of the most vulgar, depraved, and mature characters that Nintendo has allowed on their game consoles to date. Besides Conker’s very apparent alcoholism problem, the squirrel can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Conker proved a popular and endearing character with fans, spawning a remake of Bad Fur Day titled Live and Reloaded. He receives a visual overhaul of the original single-player mode as well as having a Multiplayer mode added depicting the conflict between the Squirrels and the Tediz in the past and the distant future

Several facts about him in general are…

  • He is a decorated war hero with a penchant for cigars. In his short military career he was able to single-handedly save the world from total destruction at the hands of an army of Tediz.
  • Conker is involved in a relationship with a chipmunk, Berri
  • He is always eager to do a favor for a stranger in need, for a price
  • Likes: drinking, partying, very large boobs, riding dinosaurs, riding rocket-skateboards, shooting guns, smoking cigars, bank heists
  • Dislikes: Tediz, Bulls, sentient soprano singing poo, Private Rodent (only surviving member of his squad), snobby catfish

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