Cardinal Syn

Cardinal Syn


Cardinal Syn is a 3D medieval-fantasy fighting game developed by Kronos and published by 989 for the Sony PlayStation on June 30, 1998.

It is the third and final fighting game by Kronos (whose previous two games were sci-fi fighters Criticom and Dark Rift), featuring a grim-dark medieval-fantasy setting where warriors compete in a deadly tournament, started by the mysterious Syn, to rule the Bloodlands. It’s known for its use of a “Roam” button, allowing players to freely-roam around the interactive arenas.


The game includes eight playable characters from the start, with eight unlockable sub-bosses (one for each of the main warriors) and two boss characters that are only unlockable with cheat codes.

  • Orion
  • Finkster
  • Vanguard
  • Plague
  • Mongoro
  • Mckrieg
  • Nephra
  • Hecklar
  • Juni (sub-boss, unlockable)
  • Redemptor (sub-boss for Vanguard, unlockable)
  • Stygian (sub-boss, unlockable)
  • Kahn (sub-boss, unlockable)
  • Moloch (sub-boss, unlockable)
  • Bimorphia (sub-boss, unlockable)
  • Vodu (sub-boss, unlockable)
  • Mongwan (sub-boss, unlockable)
  • Syn (boss, unlockable with cheat codes)
  • Kron (final boss, unlockable with cheat codes)

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