Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Developed by Chris Gray Enterprises Captain Planet was a game released for the NES by Mindscape in 1990.


Captain Planet is a side-scrolling shooter which contains only five levels. In each of the levels it is divided into two different type of stages. In the first stage you control the Planeteers but either flying their Eco-Jet, Helicopter or Submarine to an enemy fortress. You try to avoid the instant death that occurs by touching any of the scenery or getting hit by the various birds or projectiles coming at you. You can interact with the environment (such as Ma-Ti’s ability of talking to animals, you can beam help from such animals like a whale).

The second stage involves you controlling Captain Planet himself as he fights his way to an eco-villain from the original TV series. Then a final boss battle with said villain. The second stage changed from a side-scrolling shooter to a platformer.

By their power combined:

Throughout the game you will have the ability to use each of the Planeteers ability based on their power rings. Each one has a different purpose.

  • Earth– The ability to throw rocks
  • Fire– Sends a fireball straight ahead.
  • Wind- Makes a force field around you
  • Water- Projectiles in a wave formation
  • Heart- Summon animals to attack things.

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