Biff Tannen

Biff Tannen


Biff Tannen is a villain from the Back to the Future film series portrayed by actor Tom F. Wilson.  He has also appeared in a number of games based on the films.  At the start of the film trilogy, he’s a jerk that lords over George McFly, the father of series protagonist Marty McFly, but his influence over the McFlys and the rest of Hill Valley shifts wildly as his life is changed through Marty’s time traveling adventures.


Biff has an ancestor named Buford Tannen that lived in the Hill Valley of 1885 seen in Back to the Future Part III.  Buford was an outlaw that, after a dispute with Doc Brown, shot him to death, forcing Marty to travel back to the old west in order to mount a rescue.  Like Biff, Buford has a strong dislike of manure.
In the first episode of Back to the Future:  The Game, it is revealed that Biff has a daughter named Tiff.  However, Tiff Tannen is not actually seen or heard on screen. He also has an ancestor named Kid Tannen, who ran an illegal Alcohol distribution point.

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