Battlecorps was developed by Core Design for the Sega CD. It was published by Time Warner Interactive in the United States, Core Design in Europe and by Victor Interactive Software in Japan. The game is played from the first-person perspective and you are the pilot of a walking mech.


The Corporate Wars have begun with weapons powered by the new turbo-breeder, “Super Fission” reactors. Burning with a cold dark flame at the core of these reactors is the rare, extraterrestrial element, “Meridium”, which was discovered by the Interplanetary Mining Corporation (IMC) on a misbegotten planet known as “Mandlebrot’s World”, located eight light years from Earth. A colony is soon established on Mandlebrot and it’s manned by a small team of miners using the latest robotics mining and defense machines – the Battlebots. But when MOSES (Multicameral Organic Synergistic Energized System), the colony’s bio-computerized operating system, is infected with a virus by a saboteur from a rival mining company, BioMechanical Incorporated (BioMech), all hell breaks loose. MOSES turns the Battlebots on the colonists. The Battlebots imprison the colonists and transform Mandlebrot into a heavily armed fortress. IMC immediately dispatches the BATTLECORPS combat-hardened veterans of the Corporate Wars. These veterans are downloaded into their Armordillo-Class, Bipedal Attack Machines (BAMs) and they must now take back the planet…

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