Aces of the Pacific

Aces of the Pacific


Aces of the Pacific is a classic combat flight sim that featured wide number of playable aircraft from five different military branches created by Dynamix. Fly a quick mission, partake in a historical mission such as Pearl Harbor, or embark on a career and become an ace in the Pacific War.

Military Branches

In Aces of the Pacific the player can chose from among five branches of the military:

  • Imperial Japanese Army (IJA)
  • Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN)
  • United States Army Air Force (USAAF)
  • United States Navy (USN)
  • United States Marine Corps Aviation (USMCA)

Playing as members of the IJN or USN would allow for take-offs and landings from aircraft carriers.


The game features a large number of fighters, fighter-bombers, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers for the player to fly either in a single mission or a career.


Depending on the type of aircraft selected there were a number of possible missions to take:

  • Combat Air Patrol (CAP)
  • Bomber escort
  • Bomber interception
  • Fighter Scramble
  • Dive Bombing (Airfields, ground positions, ships)
  • Torpedo Bombing

There were also a number of historical missions included in the game. These missions could be selected from the main menu but they would also come up in career mode. Some historical missions were playable from both sides of the war such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Players could play a a Japanese dive bomber or as one of the few members of the USAAF that took to the sky to fight off the attack. Other historical missions are unique to select squadrons such as squadron VT-8 and its role in the Battle of Midway.

Operation Olympic

An expansion was released and later included in Aces collections that covered the cancelled Operation Olympic, the Invasion of the Japanese home islands. This expansion assumed the atomic bombs were not used and Japan was to be invaded by the Allies. Along with missions centered around Japan this expansion introduced new aircraft such as the P-80 Shooting Star, a jet fighter for use by the US Army.

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